Western Wisconsin Realtors® Association

Wisconsin Real Estate Continuing Education

To maintain real estate licenses in the state of Wisconsin, real estate licensees must complete 18 hours of continuing education (CE) every two years. The 18 hours must include completion of 3 hours for each of the 6 required course topics listed below. There are no longer elective courses as part of the 18 required hours. 

2019-20 CE Courses

Mandatory courses (all six required) 

Course 1: Wisconsin Listing Contracts

Course 2: Wisconsin Offers to Purchase

Course 3: Wisconsin New Developments

Course 4: Wisconsin Real Estate Ethics and Consumer Protection

Course 5: Wisconsin Real Estate Law and Practice

Course 6: Wisconsin Real Estate Transactions


WRA real estate CE information

Additional Information

CE exemption rule changes:
 Effective October 1, 2015, all licensees will be required to complete the 18 credit hours of continuing education including for the biennium during which they were licensed. Therefore, newly licensed individuals are not exempt from the CE requirement during the biennium they first receive their license. See Wis. Admin. Code § REEB 25: Education. 

However, one individual is exempt: a salesperson who received a license after October 1 of the even year of the biennium will not be required to complete CE for that biennium. Brokers will not receive any exemption.

This requirement will apply for the 2017-18 biennium. 

Minnesota licensees: WRA real estate CE classroom courses are approved for three hours per course of Minnesota real estate CE credit. The specific Wisconsin/Minnesota On Demand courses will be submitted for three hours per course of Minnesota real estate CE credit. Per the Minnesota Department of Commerce, only eight credit hours of CE may be taken in a 24-hour period. 

Minnesota licensees may only obtain credit once during the same licensing period for any particular CE course. This includes CE courses of the same title and biennium that may be released in a second, revised version during the same biennium. In this case, Minnesota licensees may not receive credit for both a pre-revision and post-revision version of the same course.  
Inactive Wisconsin license: If your license is inactive and has been inactive for less than five years and you wish to renew your license, you must (1) complete the previous biennium of CE (2017-18), (2) pay the license fee, and (3) pay the late fee.